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Rates and Billing Practices

Need to make a payment?

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Depending on the project, we offer an hourly rate or a flat rate. When charging hourly, we round to the nearest 15-minute chunk of time with a 30-minute minimum. Flat-rate projects will be determined by creating a proposal which meets the needs of both the client and Word & Web. Work logs may be disclosed to clients upon request. Our hourly rate is $60 with a reduced rate available for maintenance plans, retainers, and pre-paid blocks. Our most popular billing format is a 10-hour block for $500, pre-paid at the beginning of a project.

Flat rates are very flexible and can be made to fit most budgets by adjusting the scope of the proposal. We never charge for the initial consultation or for any broad research and training we may need to complete in order to serve you. However, if you have a very uncommon request that requires project-specific learning, this will be billed at our regular rate as "Research."


When a design consultation or content services are requested, any cost incurred for these services will be added to your next invoice or can be rolled into a pre-paid block on a case-by-case basis. If you prefer to pay the subcontractor directly, please let us know.


Note that invoice practices may vary depending on the type of project. Feel free to ask for clarification any time! We value transparency, predictability, and practicality in our invoicing practices so please let us know how we’re doing. We are happy to provide a summary of your past invoices and services rendered upon request.

We try to bill at regular intervals but we may use our discretion to avoid excessive paperwork or to accommodate the eccentricities of your cash flow. Once an invoice is issued, please pay within 15 days. If your invoice is outstanding after 15 days and we have not come to an agreement about a payment plan, we reserve the right to halt work on your project. We prefer payment by check but we also accept PayPal, credit cards, and cash.